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HR and Management Consultants

Contact Person : Bhakti
Industry type : Shipping
Position : Sr Ship Broker
Status : inactive
Hiring Role : Sr Ship Broker
Response Ph/Mob : 022-61177617
Response Email 1 : bhakti@busisol.net
Date : 08-Aug-2018
End Date : 31-Aug-2018
Nationality : Indian
CTC Range : 12 Lac PA
Posted by : Bhakti
Email : bhakti@busisol.net
Job description : - Finding and fixing vessels and cargoes between owners, operators and charterers - Maintaining a smooth dialogue with owners and charterers - Drafting charter parties and fixture notes - Solving any issues relating to the fixture concluded - Co-ordinating with agents, post fixture desk of owns/charterers and other brokers - Local and international business development and fact finding to increase company profile and build on existing and new relations with prospective clients.
Uploaded Date : 10-Aug-2018


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