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Busisol Sourcing (India) Private Limited

HR and Management Consultants

Organizational Development

We undertake the following:

  1. Consulting

    • Corporate Culture revitalization
    • Values and Culture Audit
    • Position Description, Job Analysis
    • Restructuring of Organizations
    • Design and conduct Strategic seminars
    • Design comprehensive Performance Management Systems
    • Talent Management programs
    • Company Policy Manuals
    • Prepare and manage Company’s websites

  2. Learning and Coaching

    • Perspectives on Life - Career balance
    • Leadership coaching
    • Strategic coaching for Executives
    • The Golden Week (Self Discovery)
    • Deliver client designed Training programs
    • Train the client’s Trainers
    • Multimedia Learning Services

  3. Bridging

    • Building relationships across cultures
    • Preparing for Joint Ventures and Alliances
    • Facilitating Cultural integration


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