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Job Code : JN/43220/2013
Contact Person : Sharmila.M
Industry type : IT/Software Services
Position : Android Application Developer
Work Experience : 4 to 6
Status : active
Response Ph/Mob : 4445110019
Response Email 1 : sharmila@busisol.net
Date : 13-Apr-2018
End Date : 13-May-2018
CTC Range : 7LPA
Posted by : sharmila
Email : sharmila@busisol.net
Job description : Desired Skills and Experience:  Eexxppeerrtie nlecvee dl ekvneolwopleindgg eA nodf roAindd broaside dla atpepstli cvaetriosinosn. with at least 1 year of  Deep understanding of the internals of Android Frameworks.  Good knowledge of JAVA and OOPS concepts.  cDuesttaoilmed v ieknwosw. ledge of Android APIs, including animation and building  Experience with Android SDK development.  /E xRpEeSrTie /n JcSeOdN in / bXuMildL)in. g mobile applications that utilizes web services (SOAP  vMeurssito hnas.v e working experience in Marshmallow as well as Lollipop android  EGxopoedr ikennocwe ledgew oitfh d atabathseir d(M- ySQLp, aSrQtyL ite) libraries and APIs.  Experience in data encryption is plus.  AMtutesnt tiohna tvoe destealifl-s anleda arn gionog d teexapme rpielanyceer,. with minimal supervision
Uploaded Date : 13-Apr-2018


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