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Job Code : JN/43178/2013
Function area : Warehouse, Supply chain, Logistics
Contact Person : Meena Sathappan
Industry type : Consumer durables, White Goods
Position : Sr. Analyst, Operations - Chennai
Work Experience : 5 to 8
Status : active
Response Ph/Mob : 4445110019
Response Email 1 : meena.v@busisol.net
Date : 31-Mar-2018
End Date : 30-Apr-2018
Skill category : Warehouse operations, White goods,3PL
Relevant Experience : Warehouse operations, White goods,3PL
CTC Range : 5 Lakhs
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Job description : Name : Job Title : Sr. Analyst, Operations Department : Logistics Location/Cty: Date written : 31/01/2018 Author : Reviewed by: Approved by: 1. Brief Description (3-4 lines) Why does the job/role exist We are expecting to sign contract with a client in the above location and hence would need manpower to run the warehousing and distribution. Note : Items 2, 3 and 6 - It is critical that the job content is fully illustrated. 2. Key Result Areas (2 – 3 Key Items) What does the job need to deliver? How is it measurable? - Warehouse Management - Distribution Mangement - Manage 3PL contract KPIs: On-time delivery, Inventory Accuracy, Customer Servcie Rating, etc 3. Key Accountabilities/Duties (6 –7 items) - Inbound Management - Order Processsing and Picking - Outbound Managmenet - Co-ordination with Sales Personnel/Dealers and Distributors on issue resolution during delivery - Manage emergency orders - Ensure book and physical stock inventory accuracy - Manage reverse logistics 4. Sketch of reporting relationships: Supervisor, direct reports, indirect reports, key peers Reporting Warehouse Manger (The total no. and list of the positions) Your Manager/Supervisor Regional Operations Manager Direct Reports NA Indirect Reports W/h supervisors Key Peers Supervisors 5. Important Relationships/ Communications – who, why, how often (ignore routine supervisor/subordinate communications) Who (Job Title) Why How Often Warehouse Manager Daily Warehouse planning, Inwards outwards, cycle counting, Damage control, material handling, Petty cash etc Daily Biling Desk, HO Ops team & Finance Team Monthly Revenue & Cost Billings, Accruals, Petty Cash, MIS & Reports Etc Weekly & Monthly 6. Typical problems and decisions required What sorts of problems are typical for the job? What decisions are required and what decisions are required to be referred to supervisors? - Space issues in the warehouse leading to delayed offloading and detention - Issues in timely availablility of vehicles leading to delay in deliveries - Managing manpower related issues with the service provider - Inventory related issues like mismatch / return management - Managing customer service related issues What sorts of problems are typical for the job? What decisions are required? What decisions are required to be referred to supervisors? Working within cost parameters Cost over-runs; alternative action plans; process improvements Service provider approval; High impact P&L items (cost); Availability of cost, productivity data Reliability of data and outcome of analyses Significant process changes and/or customer deliverables Incompetent processes Quick-fixes; contingency planning Available process/cost alternatives 7. Resources assigned and Typical planning horizons Supervisors and workers will be of the service partners. The Analyst Operations Exe. is expectetd to co-ordinate with them to ensure smooth operation of the warehouse 8. Descriptive Quantitative Data Note : List clearly the following information under this section : Inward, Outward, Stock Counting, Documentation & MIS reportings Etc. 9. Incumbent specification Education/Experience, skill sets, desired competencies; Show which are ‘Typical’ and which are ‘Nice to have’. Note : Be specific and list the skills set (generic and/or technical skills) required for the job . Education: HSC / Graduate Experiences: 4-7 years of experience with atleast 5years as warehouse executive / Sr. Executive in Electronics or Consumera Durables warehouse Skills Sets: Soft Skills: Good communication skills, problem solving skills and should be a team player. Technical Skills: Invnentory Management, Transporter management, customer relationship management Desired Competencies (Typical): - Should have independently managed atleast one function in the warehouse (like outbound /inbound) for atleast 2years. Should be highly customer focussed approach. Should have hands on experice on SAP or any other ERP Desired Competencies (nice to have): 3PL Contract Management
Uploaded Date : 31-Mar-2018


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