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Job Code : JN/41585/2013
Function area : Radiologist
Contact Person : Ramachandran
Industry type : Ramachandran
Position : Ramachandran
Work Experience : 1 to 0
Status : inactive
Hiring Role : Radialogist
Response Ph/Mob : 9845489878
Response Email 1 : ramachandran@busisol.net
Date : 25-Oct-2017
End Date : 31-Oct-2017
Skill category : Radiologist
Relevant Experience : radiologist
Nationality : indian
Postal Code : 583123
CTC Range : 14 to 18 lacspa
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Posted by : Ramachandran
Email : ramachandran@busisol.net
Job description : 3 Conventional Interpreting Conventional X-rays and Special investigations. Experience in reporting trauma x rays, skull, neck, PNS, spine, musculoskeletal, abdominal and chest radiographs. Gastrointestinal procedures: Contrast Swallow/ meal/ Small bowel enteroclysis, large bowel enemas/ contrast enemas/Sinograms/T-Tube Cholangiograms. Urological procedures: Intravenous urography, micturating cystourethrograms, ascending urethrograms etc. Gynaecological procedures: Hysterosalphingography. Ultrasound: General
Uploaded Date : 25-Oct-2017


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