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Job Code : JN/57240/2013
Function area : IT Software
Contact Person : Mr.Karthik
Industry type : IT-Software
Position : Flutter Developer/Chennai
Work Experience : 1 to 3
Status : active
Hiring Role : Flutter Developer/Chennai
Response Ph/Mob : 9791876677
Response Email 1 : karthik@busisol.net
Date : 05-Sep-2022
End Date : 24-Oct-2022
Skill category : Flutter Developer, Ios, Andorid, Native Android,Flutter
CTC Range : 8 LPA
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Posted by : karthik
Email : karthik@busisol.net
Job description : We are looking for a Flutter Developer (1-3 Years experience). The project portfolio includes various mid-and long-term projects for the development and maintenance of fintech software: Loan origination & processing system, Developing plugins, and credit risk management application. Native Android / iOS experience is also considered. At least 1-year of experience in Flutter development must. Developing Flutter applications for both Android & iOS platforms and integrating with back-end services. Writing quality code independently that is simple, reliable, and scalable. Evaluating and implementing out-of-the-box ideas for application development. Working with the team to manage, optimise, and customise multiple applications. Detecting and troubleshooting application issues. Resolving issues & optimising our existing flutter app. Working alongside other engineers and developers working on different layers of the infrastructure. Being committed to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and creating quality products is essential. Build user interfaces designed by UI/UX designers Build reusable code Thorough working knowledge of one of the flutter development environments. Worked with RESTful APIs, third party SDK Integrations and common technologies like Firebase, HTTPS, JSON, OAuth. Good design sense and focus on user interfaces and experience. Strong experience in design patterns, Android & iOS (Material & Cupertino) UI design principles, and Object-Oriented programming. Developed at least one app using any of the latest Architecture components, MVVM, Dagger, Retrofit, etc. Thorough knowledge of Github/Gitlad/bitbucket Curious about the latest happenings in the mobile development world. Excited to unlearn the old methods and experiment with new features and technologies. A live app on the Play store/App Store is a plus. Experience with third-party libraries and APIs of Flutter. Good knowledge about Dart. Well versed with translating wireframes/designs into UI using Widgets. Material Components(For Android) and Cupertino components(for iOS). Advanced UI concepts like Silvers. App state management and various approaches for the same like Provider, Redux, BloC/Rx, MobX Experience with integrating and using analytics tools like Firebase. Familiarity with SQL/NoSQL databases and their declarative query languages. Debugging, performance measurement/tracking of flutter app Handling networking with HTTP in a client-server architecture. Managing layouts, gestures, animations and lifecycle states of widgets. Unit and Integration Testing Experience in Finance/shipping domain
Uploaded Date : 06-Sep-2022


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