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Job Code : JN/41904/2013
Function area : Procurement/Supply chain
Contact Person : sridhar subramanian
Industry type : FMCG
Position : Category Manager
Work Experience : 5 to 9
Status : active
Hiring Role : Manager
Response Ph/Mob : 9444882360
Response Email 1 : sridhar@busisol.net
Date : 07-Dec-2017
End Date : 16-Dec-2017
Skill category : sourcing,client relations
Relevant Experience : 5 yrs
Nationality : Any
CTC Range : 3500 USD/month+other perks
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Email :
Job description : JOB Description SECTION A: POSITION DETAIL JOB TITLE: CATEGORY MANAGER REPORTING TO: HEAD OF SALES AND OPS. DIVISION: CONSUMER PRODUCTS POSITION CODE: DEPARTMENT: FMCG GRADE: COMPANY: PIL COUNTRY: MALAYSIA ROLE SUMMARY: CATEGORY MANAGER IS KEY CUSTODIAN OF THE SPECIFIC CATEGORY CELL HE/SHE HEADS, DRIVING GROWTH AND PROFITABILITY. IT IS THE END THE END ROLE MANAGING SUPPLY CHAIN AS WELL AS SALES & COLLECTIONS. THE ROLE INCLUDES THE FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF PLANNING, STRATEGY FORMULATION, PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, MARKETING LIAISON, ENSURE SOP COMPLIANCE, EXHIBIT LEADERSHIP, FORECASTING AND NEGOTIATIONS. CATEGORY MANAGER IS THE KEY BRIDGE BETWEEN THE CORPORATE/ BUSINESS STRATEGY PART OF MANAGEMENT LINKING WITH THE OPERATIONAL ONE. PURPOSE OF THE POSITION: ACCOUNTABLE FOR PROFITABILITY AND GROWTH OF THE RESPECTIVE CATEGORY DIMENSION OF POSITION: RESPONSIBLE FOR RESPECTIVE CATEGORY MANAGEMENT Financial: Staff: KEY INTERFACES: INTERNAL GM, HEAD OF SALES AND OPS, MARKETING TEAM, CORPORATE FINANCE, SHIPPING AND DOCUMENTATION TEAM. EXTERNAL VENDORS AND DISTRIBUTOR PARTNERS. KEY DELIVERABLE: PRIORITY 1 • Planning for Category Development RESPONSIBILITY • Framing Annual Plans. • Predicting Resource Requirements. ACCOUNTABILITY • Ensure Category Growth. • Drive Category’s Profitability. • Ensure Sustainability. • Have an end to end control. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR • As set by GM. KEY DELIVERABLE: PRIORITY 2 • Accurate Vendor Management RESPONSIBILITY • Ensure most appropriate Vendor Selection. • Work on Competitive Forces compliance. • Manage Supplier Relationships • Have good hold on product technicalities • Keep tab on RM Inventory with supply chain through SKUs architecture rationalized. ACCOUNTABILITY • Drive Competitive edge through R&D and Innovation. • Have an Economic edge in supply chain through negotiations to ensure healthy category bottom lines. • To align with growth, identify various alternative supply chain options. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR As set by GM. KEY DELIVERABLE: PRIORITY 3 • Customer Service and Development RESPONSIBILITY • Manage current Clientele. • Be proactive with Customer Complaints and Grievances. • Ensure timely deliveries. ACCOUNTABILITY • Ensure targeted toplines. • Gain Incremental Market shares. • Drive Profitability for healthy category bottomlines. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR • As set by GM. KEY DELIVERABLE: PRIORITY 4 • Team Management RESPONSIBILITY • Ensure proper back up with Business Executive. • Align on Operational subjects with Operational Executive. • Supervise and Troubleshoot. • Be a bridge between team and cross functional departments. ACCOUNTABILITY • Create and Evolve a motivated team cluster. • Implement proper HR executions and career path evaluations for team. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR • As set by GM. KEY DELIVERABLE: PRIORITY 5 • Cross Functional Team Collaboration RESPONSIBILITY • Ensure marketing support with Marketing. • Ensure Market specific documentation with Documentation Department. • Ensure Outward Logistics with Shipping department. • Ensure numerical alignments with Corporate Finance. ACCOUNTABILITY • Be amidst leading brands in target geographies. • No logistical and process bottlenecks as a part of customer service. • Be on track with profitability and business targets. • Be a collaborative team player with Internal Customers. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR • As set by GM. SECTION B: PERSONNEL REQUIREMENT PERIENCE REQUIREMENT SKILLS QUALIFICATIONS Min. 5 to 8 Years Experience in FMCG Industry. Preferable in same industry as target category. Post Graduate from a reputed Business School. Have a FMCG mindset. Proven IT commercial applications skills. Exposure to African Markets preferred. Linguistic skill of French and/or Arabic language preferred. Expected to have strong inter cultural skills. Expected to be a proven team player. Expected to be in bliss and in control under pressure. Up the sleeve hands on attitude. EDUCATION REQUIREMENT Business Management Degree/ Diploma from a reputed institute. Linguistic Certificates. IT Courses Certificates. Any additional programs that add on Product knowledge. Any additional programs that add on Sales/Marketing/Branding knowledge. The package for this role is below: i. Monthly salary up to USD 3,500 per month ii. Position wise –Manager with good experience iii. Housing Allowance : RM 4,500 per month iv. Car Allowance: RM 1,400 per month v. Medical outpatient : RM 5,500 per annum per dependent vi. Medical in patient : RM 50,000 per annum for whole family vii. Education assistant : 25% of annual gross salary viii. Location : KL ix. Good African & Middle East markets exposure x. Any nationality will do.
Uploaded Date : 09-Dec-2017


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