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Job Code : JN/52730/2013
Contact Person : Mr.Appan
Industry type : Rubber
Position : Production Incharge - Rubber Products - Hosur
Work Experience : 15 to 20
Status : active
Hiring Role : Production Incharge
Response Ph/Mob : 9820129964
Response Email 1 : appan@busisol.net
Date : 01-Dec-2020
End Date : 30-Jan-2021
Skill category : Production Incharge, CNC Operator,ISO,KAIZEN
Postal Code : 635109
CTC Range : 20 LPA
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Posted by : karthik
Email : karthik@busisol.net
Job description : JOB DESCRIPTION - CAPCELL PLANT INCHARGE REPORTING TO JOB DESCRIPTION:- Sr. No. Description 1 To ensure productivity as per target. Capell (Kneader, Press, Roll Joining, Slicing) i To ensure production as per planning and given target ii To keep the wastage within the targetted limits iii To reduce scrap generation by implementing KAIZEN 2 To keep all equipment healthy and productive. To send daily reports on condition monitoring as per prescribed ISO formats to Maintenance dept. 3 To practice required safety norms within the Manufacturing activities all the time without compromise. a To check if m/c emergency switches are working properly or not b To ensure that gangway is clear of any material c To ensure that fire extinguisher are in working condition and kept at the proper place. d Safety guard/switches are available as required. e To ensure that no employee/casual is talking on mobile in the production area. f To ensure accident-free shift g To ensure that person in Chemical Room is wearing Safety Glasses, Mask, Gloves & Aprin while working h To ensure that person on kneader is wearing Mask & Hand gloves while working. i To ensure that nobody in the plant enters without wearing shoes. j To ensure that person on Press is wearing Hand gloves while working. 4 To maintain quality of the product within declared norms. a To ensure production of the material as per prescribed norms of density, hardness, thickness and size. b To ensure the product dimensions as per customer requirement. 5 To keep a continuous focus on 4M and upgrade. a Manpower i To ensure the optimum utilization of manpower and any unnecssary deployment of CL should be avoided. ii To verify CL attendance on daily basis and submit to HR on daily basis. iii To ensure that no operator/CL is idle in the shift. iv To maintain discipline among the Operators/CLs that they are not leaving the plant unnecessarily for Toilets/Drinking water excuses. To ensure that CL/Operators are coming and leaving the plant as per their shift timings, any discrepancy should be immediately reported to HR and strict action should be taken. vi To ensure that CLs/Operators are going for lunch as per scheduled time and return back in 30 mins. b Machine i To ensure that the preventive maintenance of machines is carried out as per plan. ii To coordinate with the maintenance dept regarding any predictive maintenance of the m/c. iii To ensure that the maintenance persons are fulfilling their daily machine checking compliance. iv To ensure neatness and cleanliness of the machines and paint work as and when required. c Material i To fill up daily RM Reco report without fail and report it to HOD. ii To ensure that the RM & SFG/FG are kept at the designated area within the yellow marking. iii To ensure safe upkeep of RM & SFG/FG. iv To ensure that RM is handeled with care and transferred on trolleys in order to avoid any sweepage of material. Daily physical stock to be reported to HOD in the WIP format. vi To ensure proper stacking of Buns as per their grade and size in the designated area. vii To ensure that FG is transferred on trolleys only. d Method i To maintain all process parameter records of every machine. ii To maintain log-book on daily basis and ensure that all the entries are correct. iii To prepare shift wise production report and submit to MIS dept on daily basis by 10 AM. iv To monitor all the activities related to stock, transfer, packing etc.and ensure that all the activities are reported through prescribed slips. To display all the SOPs related to m/c operation, product specification, safety in the plant vi To ensure that the Job card of every machine is displayed on it. vii To maintain all the ISO documentation. 6 To keep declared inventory always in stock by ensuring appropriate space management within the storage area and manufacturing area. 7 To ensure the multiskilling of the operators and they are able to operate all the machines i.e. Kneader, Press, Bandsaw, slicing. 8 To find out gap areas and ensure regular training of operators/CLs in coordination with HR dept. 9 To ensure realtime entries in ERP 10 To ensure proper housekeeping in the plant by implementing 5S. For Further Details Contact Mr. Appan 9820129964 appan@busisol.net
Uploaded Date : 08-Dec-2020


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