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Job Code : JN/52008/2013
Contact Person : Karthik
Industry type : Mining
Position : Mines Manager
Work Experience : 10 to 15
Status : active
Response Ph/Mob : 9791876677
Response Email 1 : karthik@busisol.net
Date : 01-Jun-2020
End Date : 25-Aug-2020
Skill category : Iron Ore,First class mines manager
Relevant Experience : 12
Nationality : Indian
CTC Range : 18 LPA
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Posted by : karthik
Email : karthik@busisol.net
Job description : · First Class Mine Mangers certificate of competency · Development of Mining Business, Mining acquisition across all location. Managing entire operations with key focus on profitability & optimal utilization of resources; · Executing various mining projects for extraction of Iron Ore from open cast mines entailing design, selection and provision of machines, facilities and systems for mining. · Achievement of daily/ weekly and annual production, quality and cost targets. · Cross functional issues with Marketing and Logistics department on movement of ore. · Prepare consolidated analysis reports at defined frequencies. · Liaisons work with Govt Official, Public Relation work, Managing Clearances through Govt. Authorities, Affiliated with Trade bodies, In Depth analysis of Probable business opportunity for mining. · Analysis & finalizing various contracts / agreements from mining commercial point of view and negotiation of contract terms with suppliers, documentation related to Mining acquisition & Agreement. · Implementation of green-field mining including perusal with technical consultants, contractors and suppliers for timely commissioning, cost control of Projects. · Manage internal & external affairs for effective utilization of resources, take care of statutory/Safety aspects. · Devising plans and directing various engineering aspects of extracting mineral resource from earth involving preparation of initial plans for type, size, location and construction of mines. · Integrating solid management, business development and personnel leadership in pursuit of bottom-line goals and objectives. · Designing and implementation systems, variance analysis, financial planning & analysis, cost control, Logistics, support for operational issues. etc. · Leading and motivating teams to achieve business objectives · Any other work assigned to you on time to time basis
Uploaded Date : 19-Jun-2020


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