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Job Code : JN/51257/2013
Function area : CFS Sales
Contact Person : Hari
Industry type : Logistics , Shipping
Position : Assistant / Deputy Manager
Work Experience : 5 to 10
Status : active
Hiring Role : Assistant / Deputy Manager
Response Ph/Mob : 6369481568
Response Email 1 : hari@busisol.net
Date : 23-Jan-2020
End Date : 30-Jan-2020
Skill category : CFS Sales, ICD Sales
Relevant Experience : Minimum 5yrs
Nationality : Indian
CTC Range : 7lakhs
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Job description : JOB DESCRIPTION: Assistant / Deputy Manager - Sales & Marketing • Job Title: Assistant / Deputy - CFS Sales & Marketing • Reporting to: HOD • Level: M9 / M10 • Location: CFS Chennai • Minimum Qualification: Post Graduate / Graduate • Desired Qualification: Post Graduate (Marketing & Sales) • Age: 25 – 35 Years • Required experience range: 4 – 8 years • Targeted industry: Logistics/supply chain • Division: CFS • Department: Sales & Marketing Key Areas: 1. To arrange timely movement of all import containers within free period. 2. Optimal space utilization in export / import warehouse. 3. Monitoring daily movement & timely dispatch of reports. 4. Coordinate with transporter for faster movement of import as well as exports / empty containers from & to CFS. 5. Attend all customer related issues for smooth running of CFS. 6. To reply messages related to imports / exports operations to all customers. 7. Contribution to achieve revenue budget. 8. Liaise with customs / port officials proactively and manage all permissions, matters to the satisfaction of the CFS operations. 9. Suggest new ideas for overall improvements and cost effective operation at CFS. 10. Timely / accurate submission of all daily operations reports. 11. Coordinate with customers / port / line for various permissions and smooth running of CFS activities. 12. Making market survey, identifying customers and develop new customers. 13. Initiate process mapping exercise along with the operations team to ensure deliverables. 14. Retaining existing customers. 15. To obtain customers’ feedback at regular intervals. 16. To deliver an excellent quality service to customers. 17. Be on inter face between customers, organization and CFS inter departments. 18. Regular personal visit to the customers and day to day contact. 19. Prepare statistics and supporting report for existing customers. 20. Discuss and negotiate the rates for future agreement (As per the authority matrix). 21. Competition update / Productivity report. 22. Assist CFS management for preparation of monthly report. 23. To update on market developments. 24. To update on customers feedback and attending their queries. 25. To attend written correspondences of customers. 26. Forecast / Projections from customers. 27. To develop very good relationship with our competitors & clients.
Uploaded Date : 23-Jan-2020


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