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Job Code : JN/51093/2013
Contact Person : Mr. Appan
Industry type : Plastic
Position : Works Manager
Work Experience : 15 to 20
Status : inactive
Response Ph/Mob : 9820129964
Response Email 1 : appan@busisol.net
Date : 07-Jan-2020
End Date : 31-Jan-2020
CTC Range : Upto 25 Lakh
Posted by : sameer
Email : sameer@busisol.net
Job description : S.No. JD of WM 1 Maintain the productivity of all plants at the desired levels.(Weekly update and monthly report) 2 Continious improvement for cost reduction in manufacturing expenses product wise by suggesting plant modification, best manufacturing practices / first pass yeild / compounding etc. 3 Improvement of productivity / person for the existing level. 4 To keep all the equipments healthy and productive. 5 To practice required safety norms within the manufacturing activities all the time without compromise. 6 To maintained the qulaity of the product within the declared norms. 7 To remain updated with knowledge of all products and process manufactured in the plant. 8 To keep continious focus on 4M for optimum utilisation. 9 Implementation and exeution of the warehouse management. 10 Skill based training of all employees as per skill matrix in consultation with HR. 11 SAP ( Mfg activities)-To ensure smooth functioning at all areas- a.On time entry with the correctness. b.Material balance pddoduct wise /stage wise. c.Master upgradation for better control and performance monitoring. d.Restrict extra consumption of material against the WM. e.To implement WM in all areas of operation. f.Routing and generation of online EDOP. g.Inventory Management ( Restrict Non moving / Left out / B quality generation). 12 5S to be practiced in all the areas of the operations. 13 To maintained harmonious relationships with the employees and ensure discipline as well as motivate and reward team with the operators. 14 To support NBD team for speedy development of new products. 15 Submission of the MIS as schedule. 16 SOP for all productive items are to be maintained and to ensure monthly process audit through QA. KRA 1 1.Plant productivity 2 2. Cost saving project - savings achieved / benefits / investments. Budgeted CTC 18 to 25 lakhs p.a.
Uploaded Date : 07-Jan-2020


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