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Job Code : JN/47840/2013
Contact Person : Anisha
Industry type : Logistics & Freight Forwarding
Position : Site Engineer - Kolkatta
Work Experience : 4 to 8
Status : active
Response Ph/Mob : 02261177623
Response Email 1 : anisha@busisol.net
Date : 15-Apr-2019
End Date : 15-May-2019
CTC Range : Upto 5.5 LPA
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Job description : Job Title Site Engineer Department / Business Unit AUTOMOTIVE LOB Location Kolkata, india Date written / updated dec 21, 2017 Author Umesh Bhanot 1. Brief Description (3-4 lines) Why does the job/role exist Company uses trains for transport of automobiles . These rakes are designed by Railway and fabricated by other company . Material specs and drawings are laid down by Railway. This position will be responsible for technically overseeing the fabrication of rakes at other company Kolkata in accordance with the QAP finalized between company and other company and timelines also mutually agreed between company and other company 2. Key Result Areas (2 – 3 Key Items) What does the job need to deliver? How is it measurable? · Field Inspection Report · Inspection Report · Non-Conformity Report · Release Note · Tracking report of fabrication 3. Key Accountabilities/Duties (6 –7 items) Accountable for inspecting raw materials , bought out items , purchased items : (list is not exhaustive) Wheel sets Bearing Bogie Coupler & Draft gear Air Brake Equipment (Without Pipe) Air Brake pipe & joint Nylon Bush Steel Plates & Structural(Own Purchase) Welding electrodes Paints and Primers Fasteners Accountable for process inspections : Jigs fixtures and templates Welders’ qualifications Welding checks Riveting checks Accountable for main assembly inspections Accountable for Inspection of surface preparation and painting 4. Sketch of reporting relationships: Supervisor, direct reports, indirect reports, key peers Your Manager/Supervisor Advisor Rail Direct Reports - None as yet Indirect Reports - TEXMACO Production , Scheduling , Planning Team 5. Important Relationships/ Communications – who, why, how often (ignore routine supervisor/subordinate communications) Who (Job Title) Why How Often Advisor , Rail APLL VASCOR JV Review status of inspection reports and non conformity reports Daily MD Review of inspection and progress reports Weekly 6. Typical problems and decisions required What sorts of problems are typical for the job? What decisions are required and what decisions are required to be referred to supervisors? What sorts of problems are typical for the job? What decisions are required? What decisions are required to be referred to supervisors? Items not made available for inspection Raise matter to Head , Production of TEXMACO and Advisor Rail Non Conformities pointed out not dealt with Same as above Delays in production Same as above 7. Resources assigned and typical planning horizons This position may need to recruit suitable resources to support him on the day to day activities 8. Descriptive Quantitative Data Reports in standard format 9. Incumbent specification Education/Experience, skill sets, desired competencies; Show which are ‘Typical’ and which are ‘Nice to have’. Education · Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engg. Experiences Involved in quality assessment tasks in industrial production for at least 4 years by having worked as Quality Inspector Experience in Rail related industry is desirable Skill Sets & Desired competencies Knowledge of International and National codes for inspections of raw materials , welding, WPS , welder qualifications Desired competencies (typical) Meticulous in inspecting and recording observations Understanding of manufacturing Process Clear communication Proactive instead of reactive – anticipate problems in manufacturing Continuous improvement mindset Desired competencies (nice to have) Knowledge of railway wagon fabrication or railway wagon engineering
Uploaded Date : 23-Apr-2019


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