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Job Code : JN/46937/2013
Contact Person : sharmila.M
Industry type : Shipping/Logistics
Position : Key Accounts Manager
Status : active
Response Ph/Mob : 44 45110019
Response Email 1 : sharmila@busisol.net
Date : 15-Feb-2019
End Date : 31-Mar-2019
CTC Range : 10 LPA
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Job description : Key Accounts Manager – STPI / SEZ Clearance Specialist In : All SEZ/ STPI work – Bonding , De-bonding , IUT clearance . SEZ Developer Complete responsibility . SEZ / STPI Unit Complete responsibility. Proficient in implementing system & procedure with proven ability to achieve overall efficiency , well versed with SEZ / STPI related work along with Commercial Operations , Import / export / Logistics / pre-post shipment documentation . Custom & Excise related work . SEZ approval of New unit complete responsibility. Expertise in Srcapper , Dismantling of goods from STPI / SEZ units . Exceptional relationship building , analytical and negotiation skills and abilities in liaising with excise and customs and various regulatory authorities. Experience of 10 years , working with SEZ / STPI units , dealing with customs authorities in SEZ / STPI units , systematic receipt of materials its RWC , PC procuring and closing , get fresh list of material from zone office , get job work / inter zone transfer permission , preparation of progress report , System / procedure implementation in relation to SEZ as per rules , cost cutting , guidance on SEZ / STPI issue etc . Job Profile : · Managing PAN India customer with Main office at Mumbai and co-ordinating with metro office located in Hydrebad / Bangalore / Kolkatta / Delhi (gurgoan / NCR) / Jaipur region on SEZ / STPI clearance , PC , RWC , Bonding , Debonding activity . · Laision with customs and excise official , ensuring seamless and smooth operation at all location. · Monitoring DSR for clearance at all location and ensure timely clearance ,identify and notify any delay in clearance . · Monitoring sourcing of Procurement certificate timely release for all shipment at all location. · Preparing Dash Board for all location and ensuring timely information of dash board to customer etc . · Visit location and lay down and implement smooth process of execution and seamless operation. · Advising customer on compliance and documentation requirement for Import / Export clearance , IUT , debonding and bonding permission , scrapping equipment etc. · Ensure and monitoring day to day activity at all location. · Compiling and Sending reports / DSR to customer for all location clearance . · Periodic visiting to customer, for review meeting . · Controlling and regulating cost expenses for specified activity with customs and excise. · Reporting to General Manager / National Manager , updating status .
Uploaded Date : 15-Feb-2019


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